It is a joy to be let in on one of the most special days of your life!  Lets throw away posed perfection and embrace true, lasting moments. It's okay if your dress gets a little dirty or your eyes get a little teary along the way, that's the beauty of it all. I want to document you for exactly who you are. I am grateful that photography has allowed me to document stories in a way that feels true and nostalgic. I want you to look back at your wedding day and be able to relive all the big and small moments that make up the start of forever together.

The magic happens when you let go and allow yourself to just be - vulnerability creates trust which creates real images and trust me, you want that.  My approach to the day is to photograph what’s happening while it’s happening. I will be a fly on the wall most of the time but when necessary I will happily guide you to what’s next. My goal is for you to be totally in every moment and not worry about a thing knowing it's all going to be captured. This trust allows the day to flow in an enjoyable, relaxed way. I want your experience of the day to be more important than any checklist or shot list. 





Photo by Jillian Bowes Photography

Photo by Jillian Bowes Photography

I was born and raised in GA and have found my home in the city of Atlanta with my sweet husband Matt. He inspires me everyday and I truly feel so blessed to be married to my best friend. After years of photographing weddings, I have found my niche in documentary wedding photography. This approach fits my personality and heart behind what I do to photograph meaningful images that are true to you and your story. Thank you for taking the time to consider me to be apart of your wedding. I really look forward to hearing more about you two and the day you have planned to celebrate the start of the greatest adventure together. :)



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